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Olive Love

Aug 13, 2018

There are a million different parts of Greek food and cuisine that have made their way into our modern foodie lexicon, but there might not be a staple more intimately associated with Greece than the simple olive. The Greeks love their olives—they even have a really fun olive and olive oil museum in modern Sparta …

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Unorthodox Literature

Aug 9, 2018

It’s National Book Lovers Day here in the United States, so I thought I’d take a look at look at one of modern Greece’s most famous and foremost writer of books, Nikos Kazantzakis. In keeping with the theme of some of my other posts this week, Kazantzakis technically wasn’t born a Greek—when he was born …

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Beware the Minotaur!

Aug 9, 2018

Oh, Wednesday wanderlust! Thinking about El Greco yesterday made me realize how long it’s been since our last visit to Crete, which is criminally underrated as far as Greek vacation spots go. It’s a different kind of island destination than Mykonos or Santorini—you’ll want to spend more than a day or two here, because there’s …

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Get Me To The Greek

Aug 7, 2018

Can you imagine being so good at what you do that people all over the world simply know you by where you’re from? Maybe in a couple hundred years someone will see one of my photos in a museum and know exactly what’s going on where they’re told it’s one of the best known works …

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The New Classics: Part 1

Aug 7, 2018

When talking about Greece, I often find myself using the fact that everything there is really old as one of ways that it’s super interesting. Thinking about it a little more, it’s not just the fact that things are old that makes them cool, it’s that when things have been around for a long time, …

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Wine Lovers Welcome

Aug 3, 2018

It’s International Beer Day! Greece isn’t terribly well known for its beer (if you’re interested, here’s a pretty cool rundown of Greece’s brew scene), but it’s got one of the oldest winemaking traditions in the world, so I think you’ll probably be okay should you choose to celebrate tonight with some Nemean red. Today I’m …

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Delos: Day Trips Only

Aug 2, 2018

You might think that all the coolest ancient sightseeing is reserved for the Greek mainland, but a relaxing vacation to the Cyclades can be more than just beaches and sunsets! Don’t get me wrong, those are some of the best parts, but if you want to mix in some adventure with your island paradise, ask …

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The 2000 Year Old Travel Bug

Aug 1, 2018

I don’t think anybody could have embodied #WanderlustWednesday Greek-style more than Pausanias, a native of what’s now modern-day Turkey, but made his name in the 1st century CE by pretty much taking my dream job to its fullest extent. What might that be? He just travelled all around Greece and wrote about it! His Description …

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Smile and Say Cheese

Jul 31, 2018

You can really learn a lot about a place by its cheese. Seriously, think about it! Almost everywhere you go in the world, they’ll have some kind of cheese that’s unique to that particular place and the cuisine that goes with it. Greece is no different. We have our specialties—for example, the town of Arachova …

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A Rock Solid Destination

Jul 30, 2018

Monemvasia isn’t quite your typical Greek island. When you hear those words, “I’m visiting a Greek island!” you probably picture the sandy white beaches of Santorini and Mykonos, or maybe the unique history and culture of Crete. Monemvasia is often called “the Gibraltar of the East” because, well, that’s kind of what it is! It …

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This. Was. Sparta.

Jul 26, 2018

Yesterday I told you all a little bit about the unique Olive and Olive Oil Museum in Sparta, but that’s far from all there is to do in the area, so why don’t we go through what other awesomeness you can experience in that part of the Peloponnese. Of course, Sparta hardly needs an introduction: …

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No Breadsticks At This Olive Garden!

Jul 25, 2018

I missed #MuseumMonday this week, but when I drizzle my Greek salad with olive oil at lunchtime, I’m often reminded of the Olive and Olive Oil Museum in Sparta, one of my favorite quirky little stops around the Peloponnese. Let me tell you a little about it, and if you’re coming to Greece soon, maybe …

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The Temple Under a Tent

Jul 24, 2018

Believe it or not, the world-famous, superstar architect isn’t a recent invention: the ancient Greeks had their own Frank Lloyd Wrights and Frank Gehrys too! Some of the most famous ancient sites and temples in Greece are thought to have been designed by the same person Reports that he too was named Frank are as …

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No Day Like Beach Day!

Jul 23, 2018

Vacationing in Greece can be whatever you want it to be—anything from ultra busy and active to laid back, chill and relaxed. It’s exhilarating any way you take it. If you’re hoping to take a day or two to kick back in the sun on some warm Mediterranean waters, take some words of wisdom from …

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Zeus Was Here

Jul 20, 2018

I never thought I’d be doing a #FossilFriday post about Greece (shoutout to the Field Museum for the hashtag!), but I just came across some pictures of Megalopoli, a small town and site of an even bigger ancient city in Arcadia, smack in the middle of the Peloponnese. Fun fact: the ancient city was called …

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Wednesdays are for Wishes and Wanderlust…

Jul 18, 2018

As we all know too well, Wednesday is the farthest day from the weekend in any direction, so a lot of the time I find my mid-week #wanderlust for one of Greece’s too many to count island paradises… this time I was looking at pictures of Aegina (pronounced egg-ee-na), one my absolute favorites, as if …

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