Fabulous Foodie & Culture Break in Athens

Greece is a food lover's paradise - the birthplace of democracy and the Mediterranean Diet. Explore the gastronomic culture of Greece from your own spacious downtown Athens private accomodation - the perfect escape for a small group of friends, a multi-generation family or 3 or 4 couples looking for a pre-island food filled citybreak.

Stay 4 nights in downtown Athens hippest neighborhood (double occupancy in a 4 bedroom 4 bath or 6 bedroom 6 bath)

Day 1

Your International Flight

International Air

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Kalos Orisate (welcome to Athens)

Welcome to Athens

Some people think Athens is still a rather messy and chaotic place—it wouldn’t be Athens otherwise— but I think it is a vibrant, modern European city today, and despite all the improvements, one that still retains a great deal of its oriental charm. Historic Plaka is a charming little village in the heart of it all, surrounded by other hip and trendy popular neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the city expands its pedestrian walks connecting popular neighborhoods into the city center. In the midst of it all, areas like Anafiotika, in the shadow of the Parthenon transport you to Greek island without ever boarding a boat!

The Real Mediterranean Diet

The Real Mediterranean Diet, as eaten in Greece

Mediterranean diet, Cretan diet, Greek diet… all the same. It's made up mostly of vegetables, fruits, olives and olive oil. Greece is a land poor in livestock and rich in vegetables. The rocky land and the scarcity of water provide the perfect environment for growing vegetables with great taste. I once heard it explained like this. “You need to stress the tree (or the vine) to make tasty fruit.” What they mean by that is that when the soil is not very fertile and not very moist, the plant’s roots have to travel further to find water. The further they reach, the more minerals they encounter, the more concentrated the juice and the flavor will be in the fruit and the vegetable.

Acropolis Sky Villa

Multiple Bedroom Apartment (4 nights)

Your accommodations in Athens will be the Acropolis Sky Villa. This spacious top floor penthouse offers guests their own private room and private bath, with several common areas to relax.
The large open floor plan kitchen is ideal for your private cooking lessons, and the terrace ideal for breakfast as well as end of the day nightcaps.

Flavors of Greece - Your welcome dinner!

Flavors of Greece - Your welcome dinner

We are delighted that you are here in Athens with us. What's a proper way to celebrate? Of course how the Greeks do it, with a proper feast under the stars on the terrace!

Day 2

Rise and shine!

Rise and shine!

Your first Greek word for the day would be Kalimera (Good morning)! Imagine waking up under the Greek sun, having a magnificent view over at Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill and the Athenian overall landscape. To top that, you'll start your day with a proper Greek breakfast including different pies (cheese, spinach etc), bread, cheese, yoghurt, butter, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. Enjoy!

Supplies for our Cooking class

Tuesday Farmers' Market - Supplies

Today you are in luck because it's farmers market day (laiki in Greek) in our neighborhood and it is definitely one of our favorite foodie activities in our hood!To top that it is our opportunity to buy all the goodies for our cooking class coming up later today.

We believe that whenever you visit another country, visiting open air markets is the perfect way to dive into the culture and explore local produce. This laiki is so huge that you can also find there socks, pajamas, underwear and even curtains and cleaning products!

Private transfer

Transfer Local One Way From / To Accommodation

Transfer Local One Way From / To Accommodation, 15-21

Half Day Walking Tour: Acropolis & Museum

Acropolis & Museum Walking Tour

Accompanied by your private guide, you'll learn the history and mythogy of the Parthenon, the temple of Athena, the Erechteion, whose columns are statues of the female Caryatids, though the original statues have been replaced by copies due to air pollution (the originals are in the new Museum or ... in London!).

On the southern slopes of the Acropolis lies the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a Roman theater with room for as many as 5.000 spectators. It is used during the annual Athens Festival for world-class ballet and music performances. The Dionysus Theatre lies beside Herodes Atticus, and almost all the tragedies and comedies of Ancient Greece were written for this theater.

Foodie Tour: A Taste of Greece

A Taste of Greece Foodie Walking Feast

It is, without fail, a guest favorite. Ever wonder how the Greeks create those fine sheets of light, magical filo dough used to wrap so many of their foods? Now you can find out, while taking a winding journey through the maze of streets in the Athens central market district — stopping, of course, along the way to taste a variety of food products freshly in from the rest of Greece.

Cooking Class: Flavors of the Greek Kitchen

Flavors of the Greek Kitchen

This private cooking class, specifically created by Carole and Basil, takes place in your kitchen. We’ll guide your group through preparing a fabulous 5 course Greek feast, while sampling and tasting a variety of Greek olives, cheese and wine. A typical meal will include a traditional Greek salad, a dip like tzatziki or spicy cheese spread (tirokafteri), a roasted veggie spread like melinzanosalata, along with a main course dish like the surprisingly simple yet very impressive kilbasti (lamb baked in parchment paper) or the more traditional Greek chicken and oven baked potatoes. And of course, you’ll also have a chance to learn to wrap – since no Greek cooking lesson is complete without a pita course 🙂 And finally, to end your meal, dessert might be the ubiquitous baklava or a seasonal cake like portokalopita.

Dinner at the terrace

Dinner at the terrace

Well the time has come to celebrate a wonderful first day in Athens and completion of all these wonderful activities! And most importantly enjoy the sunset with a brilliant Greek dinner...

Day 3

Eat breakfast like a Greek!

Eat breakfast like a Greek!

You have already tasted some of the signature breakfast items but it's time for some more!

Explore Foodie Argolida

Explore Foodie Argolida

Few full-day trips can rival the Argolida Peninsula, where our tour takes you right into the cradle of the ancient Greek world combined with food and wine! Destinations on this tour include visits to Epidavros, a leisurely stroll in the modern fishing town of Nafplion and tasting and lunch in two beautiful wineries in the area.

Traditional Greek Dancing Lesson

Traditional Greek Dancing Lesson

What better way to finish off the day? With a private Greek Dancing class! We are extremely lucky to have met the owner, who founded this dancing school back in 2004 and since 2012 he is the is the president of the Panhellenic Association of Dance School Owners of Greece. Therefore, as you can imagine he is really passionate and he is going to share this passion with you. You will learn the basic steps from 2-3 Greek traditional dances and of course some theory behind those moves.

Release your inner Zorba

Release your inner Zorba

So after learning the basics, you fantasize about live Greek music and dance (or trying out your new moves), with waiters tossing plates about shouting OPAAA? We've got you covered with a traditional taverna in the historic center, a multi-course Greek dinner accommpanied by live Greek music, and a couple of Greek waiters turned dancers leading diners through the restaurant in one of many line dances from around Greece. Yes, it's touristy ... but it's also very Greek and the only other way to experience this would be to stay up until the wee hours of the night and head out to a local bouzoukia club (which we can arrange if you prefer ... 😉

Day 4

Enjoy your sleep in day

Sleep in today, and enjoy a relaxing morning

Today you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of your matress a bit longer and have a laid back morning.

Free Day Athens

Free Day Athens

You'll have a free morning/afternoon to walk in the National Garden of Athens, explore the charming streets of the Plaka, relax at a neighborhood cafe or explore a nearby museum.

A temple at sunset

Half day trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

Today your driver will pick you up at for your daytrip south to the Temple of Poseidon. On the way you'll have a chance to visit the largest underwater cave in the world with curative thermal waters; Lake Vouliagmeni!

The temple is spectacular anytime of the day, but a sunset visit followed by dinner at one of the seaside tavernas beneath or a late one at our favorite inland village, Kalyvia (known for it's butcher inspired BBQs). It is, in my opinion, the end to a perfect Athenian day.

Day 5

Airport departure transfer

Departure Airport transfer: Accommodation to Athens Airport

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