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Nonstops to Greece from the US

Greek islands to visit

What’s new in flights to Greece? United Airlines is adding three new flights to its international network, giving travelers more options for summer travel by flying direct to countries that are starting to reopen to vaccinated visitors. Starting in July, United will offer new direct flights from Washington Dulles International Airport to Athens, Greec (as …

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Tsiknopempti – Feast of the Carnivores!

Tsiknopempti, literally meaning smokey Thursday, or BBQ Thursday, has a special place in the heart of every self respecting Greek, as it is the tradition where they eat as much meat as they possibly can. It signals the start of the last weekend that observant Greek Orthodox church members are permitted to eat meat before fasting for Lent. And of course, if you’re not going to eat meat for forty days, you have to make the last day count, right?

The 2000 Year Old Travel Bug

I don’t think anybody could have embodied #WanderlustWednesday Greek-style more than Pausanias, a native of what’s now modern-day Turkey, but made his name in the 1st century CE by pretty much taking my dream job to its fullest extent. What might that be? He just travelled all around Greece and wrote about it! His Description …

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