25th of March, Happy Greek Independence Day!

If you’re anywhere in Greece this week you’ve certainly noticed the Greek flags flying. Like everywhere in the world, a country’s independence day calls for celebration. Greece is no different, and in fact, Greek Independence Day is celebrated beyond the capital, across the country – and across the ocean in cities and towns with large …

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Greek revolution 3/25/1821: Historical Elements

Everyone’s always talking about Greek summers. But for me, the Springtime in Greece is pure drama: it’s got all of the elements of a heart pounding, cinematographically breathtaking Hollywood movie (which in fact, is being released this month around the US – but that’s the subject of another post!) We pass from the Carnival period, …

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Of Venetians and Venizelos

If you’re visiting Crete, most of the to-do lists will have you somewhere in the vicinity of Iraklio, Crete’s largest city and one of the biggest in the whole country. But it’s not the only major metropolis on this majestic island—don’t count out Chania! Like everything else in Greece, and especially Crete, Chania is really, …

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The Land of 10,000 Islands

If Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, maybe we should start calling Greece the land of 10,000 islands! There actually aren’t quite than many—as this cool article from the Guardian reminds us, it’s “only” around 6,000. We usually place the Greek islands (not to be confused with the popular restaurant here in Chicago’s Greektown …

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