Choosing the right travel advisor

Travel as we knew it has changed. DYI planning may be ok for a weekend escape to New York or for a week's break at the beach on the coast of Lake Michigan, but a trip to Greece involves lots of coordination.

          • Choose an advisor who is open to hearing what you want.
          • Choose an expert in the area you will be traveling.
          • Choose an advisor with close in country connections.
          • Choose an advisor with an on the ground, in country team.

Before you opt to use our services we would like to tell you a bit about us.

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Wanderlust Sagittarius, world traveler, Philhellene, Mother, Daughter, Wife, Animal lover, Workaholic Dreamer 

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Nature lover, Linguist, Translator & Intepreter, Techie wizard, Constant gardener, Father, Husband, Foodie

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Our mission?
Happy People!
We once led a group to a private trip around the Peloponnese. It was getting late in the afternoon when we got to our destination, Pylos – on the South West part of the Peloponnese. Everyone went to their rooms to freshen up and reconvene for sundowners – cocktails to celebrate the sunset.
When we got to the patio overlooking the darkening wine sea, looking straight west onto the towering rocks of Navarino Bay we heard one of the women of the group sobbing. Sobbing uncontrollably!
Obviously, this is not what a travel planner wants to hear.
As we approached all worried, the sobbing woman turned to us and said:
“Thank you for making my dream come true!”
Those are the moments we live for. There have been many in the 17 years we have been helping travelers live out their dream in Greece.”

Carole Heiman-Kezios & Basil Kezios
Real Greece Travel founders

Meet some of the rest of the team

A trip to Greece is only as good as the team behind it.  We are proud of this eclectic team of local experts, licensed guides, culinary and wine mavens, they are the foundation of every Real Greece itinerary.



Operations Manager
Nikos Plytas - Taxi -Transfers


Transportation Coordinator
Maria -lossy


Licensed guide, passionate  storyteller.